The video linked in this article outlines some of the most popular uses for c15 plugs. The presenter shows the viewer several different options for these plugs and briefly reviews what both a c14 and c15 plug can be used for.

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Truth be told, there are hundreds of uses for these plugs when reliable performance is a concern.

These plugs are ideal in high-temperature environments. They are heat-resistant plugs that are often used for things that generate a lot of heat. Some uses include server room use, computer networking, microwaves, electric kettles, other heat-producing items like space heaters, and more. Any electronic that generates heat can benefit from this type of plug.

These plugs are often used in high-wattage electronics as well. There are many uses for these types of plugs. The fun colors that are available through different custom cable companies can add a designer touch to an otherwise mundane highly functional part. In this video, you will see four color options. Learn more about these plugs and C14 plugs by watching this video.