Statement printing services

If you run a utility company — or simply head its billing department — then you’ve probably encountered problems and snafus with billing before. For example, if your company’s statement processing doesn’t happen in a timely manner, or if your utility billing software is faulty, then cash flow can slow down and customers can become irate. High staff turnover, increasing expenses for billing supplies and tasks, and too much time spent on statement printing and processing by employees can all contribute to the need to look into other options.

Fortunately, there are alternatives to using outdated technology and dealing with staffing and supply issues. Here are three options that your business can look into to improve your company’s utility billing services:

  • Upgrade your utility billing software. If it’s been sometime since your system had an upgrade, then technical difficulties may be the cause for slow turnaround time on billing practices. Make sure you pay attention to how your system is functioning in order to keep everything running smoothly.
  • Get online. In addition to upgrading your utility billing software, you may also want to consider offering your customers online billing services. By using electronic invoicing and giving customers the chance to pay online, they will be less likely to call with complaints. It also reduces stress for employees by limiting the amount of bill processing they have to do, and it may even save on paper when customers opt out of receiving statements by mail.
  • Outsource your utility billing. Many business owners hear about outsourcing billing and they think it means letting go of their employees. However, this is really a chance for workers to handle other day to day tasks, and it may reduce some of the high staff turnover eventually, too. Outsourcing billing is ideal for businesses that want to save on operational costs, especially if you’re a business owner who has been handling too many tasks alone.