Fire alarm installation ft. lauderdale

Apartment buildings, hotels, offices, and medical facilities are the four classes of property that experience 50f% of the fires that occur in high-rise buildings. On an annual basis, motel and hotel fires cause $76 million in damage and property loss.

It is possible that many of these fires could be prevented with the proper fire protection services. Furthermore, it is important for businesses to have a fire evacuation plan in place. When 119 businesses were recently surveyed, it was determined that only 35% had an evacuation plans.

When considering causative factors, the leading cause of non-confined fires in hospitals is electrical malfunction. This has accounted for 19% of fires within medical facilities. Between the years of 2006-to-2010, for example, fire departments in the United States responded to a large number of fires at health care facilities. It is estimated that fire departments responded to an average of 6,240 structural fires for each of those years.

Given that many hospitals and related medical facilities also have data centers that contain patient and other vital information, having efficient and effective fire protection protocols in place is essential to safeguard this data. According to Gartner Group, approximately $149 billion has been spent on facilities like these on a global basis.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has instituted two new codes, NFPA 75 and 76. These codes are in place to require Very Early Warning Fire Detection (EWFD) systems in facilities with telecommunication equipment housed in an area over 2,500 square feet. EWFD systems are also required in data rooms that are less than 2,500 square feet.

To provide a safer environment for employees and property, such as data and equipment, providing training to on-site personnel is recommended. When personnel are trained how and when to respond, it can make a difference in how soon the fire department can arrive. Having an evacuation plan in place is an essential part of this training.

Commercial fire protection can be obtained through contacting fire protection services. In addition to evaluating existing fire detection systems, fire protection services can provide repairs or recommend and install new fire protection systems.