Mobile storage solutions

The Benefits of Railroad and Ocean Shipping

Out of 17 million shipping containers worldwide, the majority of them are shipped by sea. Why are so many shippers sending via boat? The costs are slashed around 35% if you choose sea rather than air. If you choose to send products locally, using a railroad instead of a truck is certainly the method to go. Railroads are responsible for 40% of all ton – – miles each year in the United States. Approximately 91% of the items shipped via railroad are bulk products such as automobiles, chemicals, coal, food, metals, minerals, pulp, paper, and energy and agriculture products. The other 9% are consumer goods.

Agricultural Freight Solutions

If you’re shipping any type of agricultural products, you need quality transportation services. Shipping fertilizer, flour, soy, corn, or grains in specialized vessels makes for much easier transportation with good logistics. Using waterproof grain shipping containers will keep these moisture sensitive products pure and clean; not to mention unloading will be a breeze when using gravity.

Industrial Freight Solutions

If you need to ship cement, magnesium carbonate, grouts, soda ash, calcium carbonate, titanium dioxide, silicone powder, starch powder, or anything similar you’re probably looking for weatherproof units. Using these freight containers make it easy to ship any method with easy loading and unloading.

Energy Freight Solutions

If you’re in the energy business and you need to ship fly ash, guar seed, frac seed, blast burnace slag, or other fine chemicals, you’re going to want to use mobile storage containers from a company who delivers proppants using hydraulic fracturing. Using this method will ensure your product is not over handled, which causes degrading, or contaminated in any form.

Looking to transport products safely and effectively? Find a company who operates with railroad and cargo ships. Your storage and shipping needs will be met and your product will arrive just the way you sent them.