Car transportation is a humongous industry, whether it be overseas shipping of cross-country truck transportation. The transport services required to move cars is much different than the methods used for other kinds of cargo, and are often much more expensive. Clearly, several big car delivery companies run on their own schedules, and cargo is delivered extremely late. This video shows how one man has begun his own car transportation business to counter these large, yet unreliable, car delivery businesses.

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When you are in the business of selling vehicles, it is vital that you have your product delivered on time, or preferably early. Customers expect their new huge investment to be in their driveway when it is supposed to be, and when you don’t deliver on this, it is a setup for a customer to never come back, or even complain on online reviews about your business. In order to combat this, starting your own transport business can be extremely profitable if you deliver on strict delivery times. This can be done by careful planning, and not involving a broker in your process.