As a small business, it is important to stick out as a small fish in a big pond. One way to do this is through digital marketing and advertising. besides social media and SEO, the best way to promote yourself is with a company website. But many small business owners make many web design mistakes when making their website, so make sure to stay away from these errors.

1. Your design is too busy

You want to stick to clean and simple designs, and nothing too flashy. You do not want your customers to get overwhelmed or confused, you just want to make sure they get to the right place. Think muted colors, easy to read fonts, and nothing too contrasting.

2. Make it mobile friendly

Because the majority of our searches are done on mobile smartphones and tablets, it is important to configure your site to be reached by mobile users. If it takes too long to load, or your wording is not formatted correctly, then your customer will leave within a couple seconds. All that leaves you with then is money out of your pocket.

3. What is in it for them?

First and foremost the customer’s call to action should not be confusing. Once they land on your page, do you want them to sign up for email? Shop around? Contact you? Or subscribe to updates? They should be able to answer the question ‘whats in it for me’ the second they arrive on your site.

4. Configure out landing pages

If you are utilizing PPC, then it is important to have your ads set up to bring the consumer to the correct landing page. After all, you are paying for those visits, and you will want to make them last!

5. Stale content

One important factor of web design is to make your content engaging and readable. It should have up-to-date material about the products and services you offer, and it should update it as soon as they change. Another way to get customers is to have a blog, and it should be updated every week or so. Above anything else, make sure the information relates to the customers, and will inspire them to buy from you.