Round burner

We don’t often think about things like gas burners, or burners in general. This is interesting when you consider the fact that burners are an important part of cooking and manufacturing. Burners contribute to the overall industrialization of America, and our dependence on manufactured goods.

Burners: A Few Quick Facts

Gas burners and gas pipe burners run on the natural gas that you’re probably more familiar with. Although we associate them with the home, a gas burner manufacturer often provides gas burners on an industrial or mass scale, to major companies. That being said, a gas pipe burner can even be used with a grill—and grills, according to 97.4% of those surveyed, are ranked as the number one backyard feature. Burners are a bigger part of your daily life than you’d think.

Looking At The Big Picture

From 1999 to 2013, industrial production in the U.S. grew by 30%, and Americans are surrounded by industrial companies, among them 2,800 commercial bakeries, over 6,000 retail bakers, and 2,822 breweries, all of which use, in some way, industrial gas burners. These companies depend on heat, and revolving ovens alone can hold 8 to 32 pans—each one meaning another burner. The U.S. depends not only on consuming the goods companies like these produce, but exporting them, making a gas burner manufacturer an important part of a bigger cycle.

How Gas Burners Affect Commercial Companies

Economic growth aside, commercial operations depend on gas burners for countless practical reasons. 95% of such companies find themselves using at least one kind of oven, and, as in the home, natural gas is often preferred. Natural gas burners are sometimes favored over propane burners due to the former’s inexpensiveness and safety.

As has been outlined above, an industrial burner, or multiple burners, can be a necessity for most large-scale companies. It’s important that in this case, a good gas burner manufacturer is chosen. That way, consumers can continue to appreciate their products!