Fire alarm systems

Alarm and card access systems have been the standard in business security systems for many years, with one in use by one out of every seven companies in America. However, burglars have become accustomed to these methods and have likely figured out how to beat them. In order to prevent further theft, surveillance techniques must evolve.

Some businesses have begun adopting verified security systems which offer a human factor. More often than not, alarms will be built with a delay so that there is a 30 second to three minute break time before the police are contacted. This leaves plenty of time for any potential robbers to either escape or even to finish the crime and sneak away.

Verified systems offer an operator on standby at anytime with surveillance video and audio to inspect the situation. Once a warning is triggered, the operators can determine whether there is a serious threat or just a false alarm. With 94 to 98% of all alarm notifications investigated by police deemed as false, not only will there be less worry for the business owners but the authorities will be very thankful as well.

For those instances where someone is attempting a break-in, a verified business security system will be able to contact law enforcement the second the alarm is tripped and they’ve seen suspicious behavior. Even if the police are unable reach the scene quick enough to catch the culprits in the act, there will be evidence of their profiles on the video surveillance.

If crime isn’t your only worry these systems are also catered to watch for other safety hazards such as fire protection. When a smoke alarm is detected, operators can confirm whether or not there is a threat and can contact the fire department immediately. Some may even have the ability to remotely trigger the sprinkler systems.

Alarms alone can only do so much to keep your inventory and employees safe. Business security systems can offer company owners security as well as peace of mind.