Shipping container homes nj

Every year people will purchase new stroage containers for sale and used containers for sale. These contianers can be used for a number of different reasons. Sometimes they are used to store items that large like cars and motorcycles and other times they can be used as large storage containers.

If you are someone looking for portable office containers or new storage containers for sale, make sure you weigh out all of your options. There is no need to rush into buying mobile office containers if you can find something that better suits what you need. Here are some facts you should know about buying new storage containers for sale.

The world’s largest container ships are known to be over 1,000 feet long. This means that it is nearly 400 meters or the distance around an Olympic running track and also has a maximum width of 180 feet. It is important to know that there are a lot of shipping containers lost at sea each year, as a matter of fact there are 675 shipping containers lost at sea each year.

Right now, there are more than 17 million shipping containers that ciruclate the globe with the number of active shipping containers at more than five million. This means that in total, they will make around 200 million trips a year, per information released to BIllie Box. Getting new storage containers for sale can greatly benefit your business and can do wonders for your construction project.

Whenever shipping containers are taken care of with regular and reucurring maintenance, they will end up lasting for nearly 20 years. This information comes from a company called Container Auction, that specializes in selling storage containers. Just about 95% of the world’s cargo moves by ship and due to higher costs, it will help people financially to transport goods in high volume ships so that they can get more moved at a higher rate.

There are standard new storage containers for sale they can hold nearly 3,500 shoe boxes, to put this into comparison understand that a 40 ft high cub can hold more than 8,000 shoe boxes. Only 6 million of the total 17 million shipping containers in the world are presently being used. Understand that this means there are just about 11 million shipping containers now being used and thus they can be converted into homes for people.

Every time new storage containers for sale are never actually sold, they should definitely be recycled. Whenever these storage containers are recycled they help to reuse just about 3,5000 kg of steel. They also help people in the construction industry save on traditional building materials, that include bricks, mortar, and wood.

In Conclusion

There is no question that you can gain a lot from trying to find new stoarge containers for sale across the United States and even across the world. You can use these storage containers for number of different things. This can include using these containers as homes and houses and even as possible workplaces for people to work in small cubicles and offices.