If you are someone (or know someone) who works for an organization, you likely have viewed their company website. have you noticed that their website is lacking in professional photos? Or maybe, their corporate headshots don’t appear to be professional? These are major red flags for organizations, as companies should strive to promote images that show them in the best light. Consider, that the better the photos, the more professional a company looks. The level of professionalism put forth by a company can greatly impact what consumers think about their organization, so it is imperative that companies consider the image they’ve created for themselves. Keep reading below for key information pertaining to corporate headshots and professional portraits.

1. Looking at the numbers of the corporate headshots interviews, suggest that the services are in high demand so reach out to a professional photography company today.

By 2016, portrait photography studios in the United States were projected to reach nearly $4.25 billion dollars in revenue. This suggests that people have a lot of trust in the industry, as they continue to use the services of professional portrait companies. Be sure to reach out to your local portrait studio to review the services they offer.

2. When it comes to corporate headshots and professional photos, consider that people often make quick judgments so having a top of the line photo can help create a positive image.

Consider data, which shows that it takes only one-tenth of a second for someone to form a first impression of someone based solely on their profile photo. This is a major problem because failure to keep your professional photo updated can result in unnecessary judgments from potential consumers who no longer want to work with your company. For this reason, it is important that you regularly update your company page’s photos and headshots to ensure it shows the latest information to potential consumers.

3. The benefits of photos are real, as they can help profiles stand out more due to higher profile views and more message responses.

Consider LinkedIn profiles that have photos. These profiles receive 11 times more views and 40% more inMail responses than profiles that don’t have any photos. These views and messages can result in more job offers or business connections, so it is important that people do what they can to make the most of social media. Be sure to reach out to a professional photography studio nearest you to set up an appointment today.

4. When it comes to corporate headshots and professional photos, the smallest changes can make your photo stand out that much more so reach out to a professional photography company today.

According to research conducted by Psychology Today and published in 2014, even small changes made to an individual’s profile picture could result in a dramatically different first impression. Although this sounds harsh, it is a real statistic to consider. Failure to update your photo and remove grainy images from your site can result in harsh judgments from potential clients. Be sure to do what you can to invest in the best corporate headshots on the market.

If you found these tips helpful, then you are on the right track to understanding the various benefits associated with corporate headshots and professional photography websites. Most important, keep in mind that corporate headshots allow companies to put their best face forward and accurately portray themselves to their potential consumers. Further, the use of corporate headshots can help put a face to the name, making your website and services more approachable for clients. All in all, headshots have numerous benefits so consider reaching out to a company nearest you for their photography services.