There are many benefits to making the switch to using disposable calibration gas cylinders in your business or practice. When you consider the fact that production costs can run from $100 to nearly $3,000 depending on the size of the container and type of gas, a money-saving alternative that offers the same quality and control as a refillable container is an option worth checking into.

Disposable calibration gas is an economical alternative for when low gas volume is needed. These non-refillable cylinders are small and easy to carry into remote locations and eliminate the need to return once it has been emptied. Despite the sometimes significant size and portability differences, the calibration standards remain the same and are regulated with the utmost care.

One of the biggest benefits to switching over to disposable calibration gas cylinders are their small, lightweight and easily transportable features. This makes shipping more affordable and less of a hassle, especially when shipping overseas. There are a wide range of disposable cylinder sizes that you can choose from that will suit your needs best.

The portability of disposable calibration gas cylinders are a benefit to those who are working on projects and environments that are university laboratories, energy companies, small business, and environmental monitoring. They provide multiple benefits and functions for those in the medical and surgical industry. Some veterinarians rely on disposable cylinders for their anesthesia.

Disposable gas cylinders can hold both pure and specialty gases. Our gas mixtures are made and blended with great care and concentration that will suit your specific needs. Currently, there are about six applications that the specialty gas market falls under: electronics and semiconductors, refrigeration, medical and healthcare, electronics and semiconductors, manufacturing and miscellaneous. It is imperative that the manufacturing process is carefully measured and observed throughout the process and analyzed to make sure there is complete and total accuracy.

When working with any gas, you want to make sure that your readings are accurate. Our disposable cylinders are of the same quality as refillable cylinders and we make sure to have the highest gas calibration standards and take our work seriously. We also offer specialty gas regulators to help you maximize your safety. Whatever your needs are, we commit to offering you the highest quality of service and safety.