Everyone wants to go all out when they plan an event.

Who spends all that time and money on a gathering, celebration or get-together only to go halfway? It doesn’t matter if it’s helping set up a school play or hashing out the fine details of a corporate event meant to usher in new managers…you want all that effort to really show. Choosing the right wedding drapery fabric or church curtains involves having an eye for quality and brushing up on your artistic expertise.

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Here are a few tips you can take with you on your way to the store.

Did You Know?

Maybe you don’t want to be an expert on pole covers and church curtains, but a little extra knowledge never hurt any. How about some fun facts to start the list off? The tallest curtains in the world are located at a hotel in Oslo, Norway, standing at an impressive 213 feet and three inches high. While that may not be on your particular to-do list, curtains are a common part of everyday life that can enhance many settings. The American party and event planning industry employs an impressive 134,000 people as we know it.

Choosing Curtains For A Dressing Room

Let’s say you want to spice up a dressing room for rehearsal. You need curtains that can provide necessary privacy while still giving the space a visual touch-up. Changing room curtains are designed to be long and heavy, with sliding tracks for easy usage. These come in a wide variety of colors, though black remains a common staple. Today over 30% of weddings take place in a religious institution, with the average amount spent on a traditional American wedding being around $35,000. Where do black stanchions fit into your picture?

Prime Pole Covers For A Corporate Event

Do you need to use drapery fabric for a corporate event that involves a mixture of public speaking and mingling? You’re in luck. A recent study found over 60% of organizers will plan corporate events, making it the second most popular type of event to plan today. Around 40% of event planners have also come out to state that escalating trade show costs and budget management remains a major challenge. When you want to set a strong impression while still saving yourself some stress, choosing classy pole covers will strike one item off your list.

Cultivating A Church Stage Backdrop

Last, but not least, you may just need church curtains for your new renovation. It’s estimated over two and a half million weddings are performed in the United States as we know it. You also have speeches, presentations and ceremonies to perform. Church stage backdrops are meant to be unobtrusive, more often than not, and come in many basic shades to fit in with the rest of your decor. There are also sumptuous patterns to choose from if you want to add a little bit of flair. Ceiling draping kits are designed to be accessible and long-lasting, making the hardest work just choosing the right one.

Crafting A Memorable Event

From setting up a wedding to planning a corporate event, pole covers and ceiling drapes will come into the fold one way or another. Taking that little bit of extra effort choosing curtains for dressing rooms or black retractable belt stanchions for your presentation will go a long way in making your event stand out. This can even go into strictly business ventures, like trade show venues. Over 95% of marketers in a recent survey stated they found unique value from trade show exhibits that they didn’t get from other marketing mediums.

Feeling the strain of planning out your event? Take some of that stress off by choosing ceiling draping fabric options that will speak volumes.