Window signs with suction cups

Marketing is an extremely important part of a successful business plan. Are you a new business that is struggling to reach your customers? Have you recently opened your doors, with minimal customer interest? How can you gain the attention of customers, both locally and nationally? How can you effectively build your business brand through unique marketing ideas? These are common questions of many new businesses. Consider the following marketing ideas to increase your business awareness.

Store frontage signs

The sign on your storefront is very important. If it is not catchy or large enough, people will ignore it. You may be present in the city for many months, even years, and still have minimal numbers that actually notice your store frontage sign. Putting up a carefully designed store frontage sign can attract local customers. Because local customers tend to be more loyal, this can produce significant profits. The store frontage sign may also be important to your customer?s ability to locate you. Customers tend to give up rather quickly, so if they are unable to find your place of business, they might abandon the idea altogether.

Consistent pricing and signage throughout the store

Have you ever been in a store that did not list its prices? You did not want to bother the store associate frequently, so you ignored products that you might have otherwise purchased, if you knew the price. Not providing consistent pricing throughout the store can be a big mistake. Most customers will not choose to purchase it, without first knowing its price. The prices should be easy to locate. It can also be helpful to include signs one very product rack, regardless of whether it is on sale or not. In fact, full priced merchandise performed 18% better with signage than without. These types of store display ideas bring more customer attention to the product.

High quality signage

Low quality signage tends to product an entire low quality feeling. Customers will begin to associate the low quality with the store and are likely to look at the products as less than valuable. If your display stands, flyer holders, and store display ideas are run down and of low quality, you could also be affecting the sale of your products throughout the store. A consumer decides to stick with a brand or buy a competitor in 3 to 7 seconds. That means that you only get a couple of seconds to grab their attention. Do not use those few seconds to translate the message that your brand is cheap and of low quality.

Clear business information signs

Customers also want to know and expect some types of information from businesses, such as business hours, location, and store policies. They do not expect this type of information to change. Do not change your store hours without notice. Do not close early because you have not had any customers in hours. Customers want to clearly know this information. This information should also be displayed with glass door business signs that are easy to ready. Attempt to come up with unique store display ideas to encourage your customer to remember your business as they exit.

Value of store signage

A lot of business owners underestimate the value of store display ideas and signage. Free standing signs and acrylic poster frames are very affordable types of marketing, especially when compared to commercials and print advertisements. The cost to reach 1,000 adults for a sign or a store merchandiser with a life of one year was between 3 cents and 37 cents, compared to $4.05 to $7.75 for a 30 second commercial. Although the return on investment for signs may be slower, it tends to be more consistent and affordable, making it the perfect marketing idea for newer and smaller businesses.

Every year, thousands of businesses fail. Some failings are accounted to poor product design or poor market research. Some, however, are the result of failing to market properly. Successful marketing does not have to be expensive commercials. It can be the simple and careful consideration of sign design and placement. Establish your sign needs and then create signs that attract your customers and grow your business brand.