You may already be wondering how electric vehicle charging works. Other people may be asking if it is even possible for your business to start offering this new service. By working with commercial EV charger installers, getting and using the charging stations is a pretty straightforward process. The clip “How Does EV Charging Work? Learning from Electrify America!” explains how EV charging works.

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Only commercial EV charge installers should install the EV charging stations. The professionals have expertise in performing the task properly. Charging stations can either use direct current (DC) or alternating current (AC). Inside the vehicle, there is an electric charge port. The port usually looks like a car charger.

The main plug goes into an ordinary wall outlet across from the driver’s seat. You connect the other one to the electric charge port in the car itself. The power coming into the standard cord on your vehicle will vary depending on what kind of wall outlet you have.

The main charge cord may have a small power adapter, and you plug it into the outlet in your car’s electric charge port. The combination allows your vehicle to receive a full charge via the standard electricity. You will need a dedicated electric car charger to make this work.