Perma liner installation

Out of sight, out of mind is the approach most people take regarding their sewer lines. This philosophy can result in serious damages over time, not to mention excessive water bills in the case of a leak. As a general rule of thumb, homes with sewer lines older than 40 years old are at risk for a breach in the line via corrosion, tree roots, or other damages. Many people put off sewer repair due to costs and damages to their property through excavation. Despite being around for over a decade, up to 78% of Angie’s List poll respondents had no idea that trenchless sewer repair methods are a real thing.

Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting is a trenchless sewer repair technique that requires two small
holes at the beginning and end of the line section to be replaced. The existing pipe-to-be-replaced is used as a guideline for a cable that extends from a winch to the end of the line. From here a specialized bursting head is fixed to the cable along with the new sewer line: the winch then pulls the bursting head and the pipe through the existing sewer line; this simultaneous destroys the existing pipe while installing a new pipe without the need for a trench.

Pipe Lining

While pipe bursting directly replaces a sewer line, pipe lining is a method of pipe repair that uses a cured-in-place material to seal leaks and produce a solid sewer line within an existing pipe. After an initial pipe inspection, an inflatable bladder is coated in the curing material and placed in the existing pipe. The bladder is then inflated with hot water, activating the specialized curing material that is pressed up against the existing sewer line. Once it cures, the pipe is outfitted with a perma liner that can last up to 50 years.

Although both pipe bursting and pipe lining are equally durable, a professional may recommend trenchless sewer repair or replacement depending on the condition of your sewer line. Many companies offer warranties on their replacement lines that can range from 10 to 50 years. Eliminate trench eyesores from your life and avoid landscaping repairs with trenchless sewer repair techniques.