Full service sign company

Finding new ways to reach potential customers, and to encourage existing patrons, to visit a local business can be challenging. Many companies focus on developing their website, social media profiles, or broadcast media ad campaigns. And yet, a banner solution is far more economical and provides immediate feedback.

Get Noticed

The very first step in getting customers to visit your business is to make sure they know it is there. Some studies show that as many as 35 percent of people living in close proximity to a business are unaware of its existence without appropriate signage. In fact, almost half of new customers say they entered a business simply because they saw a sign displayed that interested them.

Outdoor banners are a fantastic way to get noticed by pedestrians and commuters. People tend to have a routine when it comes to their daily commute, which means that the average person will see your sign twice a day. Depending on the total number of people traveling in the area, this can equate to pennies per person reached for any custom printed banners you choose to display. The banner solution is certainly one of the most cost effective advertising solutions available to business owners today.

Recurring Events

The banner solution for advertising is perfect for recurring events or sales. If you know you will be doing something repeatedly it can really pay off to have a banner created to announce it to the local community. Real estate businesses may want a banner that lets people know they have arrived at a location holding an open house. Restaurants or bars might want something that can easily be put up and taken down to promote weekly events such as ?Ladies? Night? or ?Happy Hour?.

If your business has something that happens weekly, monthly, or quarterly custom banners are a great way to remind people. A banner will catch a passerby?s attention immediately while they are in the vicinity, so they are able to act on the immediate information that something is happening they are interested in. One advantage to this over other types of advertising is the instant cause and effect nature of the relationship between banners and the people who see them. An email announcement, newspaper ad, or radio commercial gives them the same information, but it also gives them time to forget to visit.

Companies that are looking for a way to immediately impact the number of customers that walk through their door each day should consider a banner solution as part of their overall advertising strategy. Banners offer flexibility with their ease of use and customization options. They also allow businesses to instantly influence those who see view them.