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For many business owners, finding and sustaining success in the world of business is not an easy task. This is especially true now more than ever as we live in a world where technology continues to morph and change how people interact with their daily activities. However, one of the most important aspects of having success is the most overlooked parts of a small businesses success, hiring the right employees.

Over 90% of all recruiters look at a candidate’s social media profile before they hire the candidate. This is something that most people do not do and yet it is clearly incredibly important for you to understand who these people are before you hire them. Job agencies are a great way to find temp workers for temp jobs and will also help you staff your company with the right people.

Right now, there are over 3 million temporary and contract employees working for America’s staffing companies during an average week. Working with a staffing company is a great way to get the right people on your team and it will help your business in the long run by getting the right workers in your workplace while also helping you save money.

Here is what you should know about working with job agencies and the benefits that come along with letting a human resources company help you hire employees.

Job Agencies Hire Loyal Employees

According to human resources professionals, employee retention is the number one concern with 46% of all HR consultants confirming this idea. The second greatest concern for human resources workers is employee engagement with 36% of all HR consultants confirming this idea. This is because 22% of all new hires will end up leaving their jobs within the first 45 days of being hired.

When an employee leaves a company, the turnover will costs the business anywhere between 30% and 150% of the employee’s salary. This is a serious issue and according to a survey, over half of all organizations and companies in the United States believe that employee retention is a serious problem. These people work hard to try and keep employees because when they leave it can do serious damage to a business.

When business owners work with job agencies they will benefit by getting good employees while also having great training structures. Nearly $11 billion is lost every single year due to employee turnover when employees leave a business. However, working with job agencies will allow new methods to be implemented that can prevent this. For instance, whenever new hires undergo a structured onboarding program they are 50% more likely to be with the company for more than three years.
Job Agencies Improve Production

Employees that feel valued and are happy are much more likely to work hard. Job agencies can help you with this by creating employee recognition programs which help because over 85% of all companies with the employee recognition programs have noted an increase in worker happiness.

Keep in mind that job agencies can also help businesses understand hiring strategies that are known to boost production while creating a more efficient workplace. Research conducted by experts in the field of human resources has revealed that companies with diverse employees in terms of gender will be 15% more likely to outperform their peers and the companies that are considered to be ethnically-diverse will outperform their peers by almost 35%.

In Conclusion

Job agencies across the nation work hard around the clock to produce the best results for businesses in the United States. So many business owners fail to understand just how important it is to hire in hard-working employees that will be loyal to their business and will not leave. Not only will this help develop these workers into great and loyal employees, but it will also help businesses across the country avoid losing out on money from having to deal with turnover costs.