Pre retirement pension

Did you know that 80% of people dread the coming of Monday? Maybe you’re surprised that even 20% of people don’t. Maybe you get tricked into attending far too many of the 17,000 work related meetings held each day in the United States. Maybe your boss is a real pain. The good news is, there are places to turn. Many influential people are busy coaching personal development: they are called job coaches.

Executive coaching jobs have been around for centuries. Men make up about 60% of those who utilize this service, which tells you that it might just work. Men do, after all, make 26 cents per hour more than women and they control most companies and legislatures. A motivational coach can help sort through all your professional aspirations to get to the kernel of what you want in life and in business. So what should you look for?

When you become a business coach, you have to get certified. Don’t just sign up for any old hack who loves to give advice. In fact, executive coaching jobs are as much as listening as they are about giving advice. Find someone with a business coach certification and ask them if you could be connected with a client who will vouch for their method.

Hiring a business coach is like purchasing any other service. Read reviews, do your research and seek someone with the necessary skills, certifications and insurance. Before you know it, you’ll be loving Mondays!