Galvanized steel strapping seals

Strapping is one of those tools we don’t even realize we need — until we’re looking at a bunch of precarious inventory stacked sky high in our warehouses. Strapping, (also referred to as bundling or banding), can have many uses, including but not limited to:
1. Packaging items together for shipping and handling.
2. Keeping items steady on crates and moving pallets.
3. Reinforcing boxes.
4. Securing heavy or fragile supplies, like shipments of brick and glass.
5. Securing bales of agricultural output or large rolls of textile.
6. Keeping large coils secure.
If any of these tasks sound like something you have to contend with in the near future, we strongly encourage you to look into stainless steel strapping products.
Why steel?
It’s true that there are other strapping tools out there. There are corded and woven options as well as synthetics like nylon and polyester that can get the job done. But by far the strongest option at your disposal is steel. Steel is dent resistant, expands and contracts with heat and cold, and will secure your banded items beautifully. It’s also highly versatile, and available in a range of thicknesses.
A lot of people are leery about using steel for the environmental effect. You’re probably wondering, “Doesn’t steel production smog up the atmosphere with all kinds of carbon and industrial waste?” This is a fair question considering steel’s manufacturing history, but in fact, fully 69% of the industrial steel on the market today is recycled. Steel production has also been getting steadily more efficient with the passing of time. One ton of steel takes 34% less energy to make than it did in 1972! We know, we were surprised too!
Of course, we have yet to address the elephant in the room: Rust. We’ve all seen those sad garage sale bikes and the very green Statue of Liberty. Why would we want to band our supplies with something that will eventually look old and get us thinking about our next tetanus booster?
This is why it’s not enough to just buy steel banding. You have to get it galvanized. When steel is galvanized, a protective coating of zinc is grafted to the metal. This galvanized steel will be even stronger, and, most importantly, resistant to rust.
We’ll level with you. steel strapping, especially galvanized steel strapping, will cost you a pretty penny. This is why we suggest connecting with a supplier and buying in bulk! Eventually, it will become a normal part of your budget, and besides, we can’t really put a price on peace of mind.