Green cleaning

A clean environment is one that thrives because its employees and clients feel safe and comfortable. Hiring a professional commercial cleaning service ensures that your business remains spotless and your customers keep coming back! These are the five types of businesses that benefit most from janitorial services.

Schools and Daycares
It’s a well known fact that children regularly get into messes, but that doesn’t mean that a daycare or school ought to be dirty. Many parents find that the cleanliness of the school reflects more than just its janitorial service; schools that are dirtier give parents the impression that their children are not prioritized.

Many people have heard the famous phrase from the Book of Leviticus, “cleanliness is next to godliness.” That piece of advice still holds true today, as many churches have reached out to find a professional cleaning service to ensure that their buildings are as clean as can be. When people go to church, they expect an inviting atmosphere that welcomes them to worship; unclean buildings often make one feel more reserved and tense.

Professional Offices
Whether medical or business oriented, office cleaning services can provide much-needed cleaning services to offices of all sorts. The National Association of Professional Organizations claimed that paper clutter was the most common issue for businesses. Additionally, 71% of office workers claimed that dirty office spaces have actually made them ill in the past. Office cleaning services can eliminate the contaminates making your employees sick.

More and more Americans are hitting up the gym to lose weight and get fit. Yet as many as 88% of adults refuse to exercise in a facility that is considered unclean and nearly 72% of adults will not return to a gym with odors or dirty equipment. Clean gyms ensure that customers will return hapilly.

Restaurants are regularly inspected by health departments to ensure that no contaminates make their way into customer’s food, as there are 17,000 petrochemicals commonly used in the home with only around 30% of which have been tested for effects on human health or the environment. Restaurant cleaning services are experienced professionals who have spent years familiarizing themselves with cleaners and food regulations to ensure that your restaurant is clean and your customers are safe. Many restaurant cleaning companies will send a representative out during closing hours to clean overnight, thereby not disturbing your guests. Don’t wait for your customers to get sick, call a restaurant cleaning company and enjoy your clean kitchen!