Battery handling training

Washing forklift batteries is one of the most vital components of maintaining any forklift battery. These batteries become dirty and covered in acid residue and sulfuric build-up during everyday use, which can all contaminate its surface, corrode its terminals and compromise the lifespan of a forklift battery. When each forklift battery makes up an incredible 30% of the overall cost of a forklift, the need to wash these batteries properly is clear.

With the right forklift battery washing procedures in practice, you can as much as double your warehouse’s average forklift battery life, which should be around 1,500 cycles — no small savings. If you’re ready to start growing your warehouse’s productivity with more efficient forklift batteries, follow these three tips for forklift battery washing:

Keep personnel safe

Before washing any forklift battery, your personnel should be wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) that’s mandated for any kind of work within the forklift battery handling area. Never let personnel work around battery wash equipment without wearing rubber gloves, goggles, aprons and face protection.

Properly dispose of waste-water

This step in the battery washing process won’t necessarily increase the lifespan of your forklift batteries, but it will help your warehouse cut operating costs and more closely comply with federal regulations. During each washing, the water used will become contaminated with heavy metals, chemicals and acids that can’t just be disposed of normally. Invest in a waste-water recycling system to clean these contaminants from your waste-water.

Consider investing in a battery wash cabinet

By investing in battery wash equipment like the battery wash cabinet, the tough work of washing a forklift battery will be taken care of, leaving your personnel free to perform other daily tasks of theirs. This ensures a thorough washing each time — and keeps personnel safe, as well.

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