Email marketing to drive sales

Are you developing your social media marketing plan? In our present climate, your social media marketing strategy is perhaps the most important internet marketing initiative you can take. Almost every human on the planet uses some form of social media, it is most likely the most effective way to reach your target market.

But (as you’d assume) there is a right and a wrong way to do social media marketing. If you execute it wrong, you destroy your branding and turn customers off. And so, before getting your business on social media, make sure to pay attention to our list of ways to do it the right way:

Three Important Social Media Marketing Tips

  1. Always Include an In-line Image on Twitter

    Previously, the only way to post an image on Twitter was to include a link to it on another site. In order for the user to see the image, they’d have to leave Twitter and click the link to open it up. This interrupted the experience that Twitter users had, and often they didn’t bother to look at the image at all. Twitter took note of this. Now Twitter users can post in-line images, so that the user can enjoy it as they scroll through Twitter.

    You’d think this would be a negative move for business owners, since Twitter followers are less likely to click through to your site (or wherever the original photo lives). However, the opposite is true. The cohesive and convenient nature in which your images can be enjoyed makes users about 150% more likely to favorite and retweet your image. This significantly improves the bandwidth in which you reach new users and establish brand recognition. Any time you put a post on Twitter, make sure to include an applicable and catchy image with it.

  2. Create Good Content, and Share it More Than Once

    What we are not saying is to spam your followers with your poorly created ads over and over. If all you post is, “Come try our BBQ ribs! Best in town!” over and over, every day, your followers won’t be able to get to the “unfollow” button fast enough. However, if you create interesting and engaging content, resharing it up to four times, with different taglines, might be extremely successful. Here are a few reasons that resharing (good) content really beefs up your online marketing presence:

    1. Gain More Web Traffic
      When you juice a lemon, you squeeze all the juice out, and when you readjust your grip, you’re able squeeze a little more juice out. Likewise, your first post will likely get a rush of traffic, once that simmers down (perhaps even weeks later), repost it with a different tagline. Many marketing pros suggest that each subsequent post will garner about 75% of the traffic of the original post.

    2. Reach People in Various Time Zones and Demographics

      People have different social media habits. Perhaps working professionals are more likely to look at their Twitter and Instagram on their lunch break. College students might be more likely to see your content at night when they finish studying. Retired people might be able to see the posts you make early in the morning. When you add the difference in “peek times” between demographics to that fact that our country has four different time zones, the hot time to reach your target audience might be several different times. When you reshare your content, post it on different days of the week and different times of day, to spread the surface area to reach people.
    3. Extend the Time-frame That Your Content is Relevant

      Your posts don’t have to be a one shot deal. If you post a great article that applies to your industry, and then six months later, an event arises that makes it applicable again, reposting it gives all of your new followers a chance to see it and extends the amount of wear you get out of the work you put into the content.
  3. Interact With Your Followers

    Unlike any form of marketing before now, social media gives your audience a voice, and this is a powerful tool in gaining loyalty and expanding your reach. Even big companies like Campbell Soup and Delta Airlines do this, and their followers go wild.

Do you have any tips to add? Please share below!