Packaging sleeves

We all have that one family recipe that no one can seem to get enough of. Thousands of food products across the nation first started out as homemade recipes that people wanted to share with their family and neighbors; with a bit of an investment and some business help, these products made it to store shelves and became commercial hits. Those in the earliest stages of their food business will find it helpful to focus on three services that should be considered in their search for a food service manufacturing partner.


Family recipes are so special because they come from the heart; the difference is represented best in small-batch food products. A greater degree of control is gained with small batches, although this can hamper production forcing young entrepreneurs to make a choice between quality and quantity. While it is a personal decision initially it will forever determine the course your business will take.


Most modern food products are packaged in glass jars, cardboard boxes, or flexible plastics depending on the nature of the product. Up to 27% of the national packing industry utilizes rigid plastics with similar flexible plastic packaging proving to be the most popular form of packaging for the food packing industry — plastic food packaging like plastic pouches, plastic sleeves, and rollstock packaging helps to keep food products fresher while protecting from contamination more effectively than other options. Since consumers buy with their eyes, a key factor fledgling entrepreneurs need to make is the packaging labels themselves. Packaging labels should be of a custom product packaging design that allows your product to stand out on crowded store shelves and emphasize the homemade-inspiration for your product.

Specialized Food Industry Recruitment Agencies

There are literally hundreds of food manufacturers and packagers around the country and each has a different specialization. To aid in this endeavor, many food industry pioneers are looking to recruitment agencies to help find the ideal candidate. In too many cases, entrepreneurs left to their own devices have separate packaging and manufacturing partners, which can increase the cost of production and thereby decrease profits and the chance of a new business surviving. Third party recruiters canvas the options you have and finds the best choice — ideally this is one where production and packaging take place in the same facility.
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