Parking lot services

While you may know what street sweeper trucks do, you might not realize that they can also be used for parking lot vacuuming, too. Sweeper trucks have various attachments that not only allow for street and parking lot vacuuming, but they also can scrub pavement down to the microscopic level. This helps ensure that roadways are kept free from debris, bacteria and viruses, pollution runoff from pesticides, gasoline, oil, and other potentially hazardous substances.

Additionally, street sweeper trucks are used in places besides major roads. Several other locations and property types can also benefit from having regular trash clean up and vacuuming. Here are just three types of locations that can benefit from these services:

    1. Residential Property: Property developers who own housing tracts, townhomes, or apartment complexes know the importance of bringing in new business. To keep residents happy and to make sure that the community is properly cared for, owners should look into maintenance services including parking lot cleaning. Keeping the parking lot and other paved areas clean is essential in creating a welcoming environment for residents and their guests.

    2. Commercial Property: Nothing tells customers that they aren’t appreciated more than a messy parking lot filled with debris and other major issues. If customers don’t feel welcomed at a mall, plaza, or other business, they may be unlikely to return. By keeping commercial spaces clean for patrons, business and commercial property owners can entice customers to visit again. A clean parking lot and well maintained property can also encourage business clients to rent from a particular development company.

    3. Schools, Hospitals, and Other Institutions: Public places such as schools and hospitals have the responsibility of keeping visitors to the area safe. One such way to ensure that everyone is properly cared for is to keep the surroundings clean. Regular parking lot sweeping is just one way to keep the area free of debris and microscopic substances that could pose health problems in high traffic spots.

Want to know how your property type could benefit from parking lot vacuuming and sweeping services? Leave a comment below.