Keeping the roadways safe requires a lot of cooperation from many agencies and private businesses. There may be hazards and accidents that must be managed immediately and effectively. That’s the role of tow truck drivers. They must be prompt in attending to emergency towing cases to clear up the road. In this article, you will learn what essentials a tow truck driver must have for emergency towing.

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1. Electric Winch

This is sometimes called the motorized winch, and it’s always essential to have it in emergency towing cases. Without this, you can’t tow a car as it winds up the cable that is attached to the vehicle.

2. Tow Straps and Towing Chains

Towing chains usually come in v-shaped bridles. These are connected to the end of the winch cable to the stuck car’s underside.

3. Tow Dolly

This is used to haul the cars from a short distance. It is being hooked up to the truck, so you can load the front wheels of a vehicle that needs emergency towing.

4. Snatch Blocks

This kind of pulley would make it easier to pull or lift a heavy load.

5. Recovery Slings

These are used to wrap around the cargo’s bottom. This could lift cargo vertically via a crane. Towing drivers also call these round lifting slings.