Best ticketing tools

Customer service and responsiveness can be a make or break issue for business owners and managers at service-based companies. Companies that offer services in construction, plumbing and repair and just about anyone who has multiple jobs and customer requests to track will find that integrated tools of project management can help to streamline their operation. The result? A smoother workflow, satisfied customers and even happier employees.

Providing better customer service
Customer service can be a stressful experience for customers and employees alike. For customers there’s the long wait, the dropped calls, and the person at the other end of the line, when you finally reach them, who has no idea of the details of their complaint or query.
For employees, dealing with customers without the necessary information to help them or to sort out their problems can be equally frustrating. And if they’re multitasking at the same time, juggling several different projects, it can be very difficult to get any one right. But what if there was software that could help your employees get through all their tasks easily and efficiently?

Tools of project management
Helpdesk ticketing system software can make the day on the job much easier for employees, but putting all tasks on a clear, color coded dashboard. With overviews and color coded systems for projects, it can help employees multitask much more effectively.
For managers, the software provides tools of project management for staff and service tracking. As many as 70% of Americans are disengaged or actively disengaged at work, according to a 2013 Gallup survey. Productivity tracking software can help both managers and employees to identify the bottlenecks and to move through tasks more quickly and efficiently.

A streamlined work environment
Tools of project management can provide an easy overview of operations, process management and profitability tracking, making it easy for both managers and employees to focus and even multitask. A more streamlined work environment, which clearly depicts responsibilities and progress on jobs can also help to reduce conflict among employees.

With as many as 60 to 80% of problems in organizations originating in employee relationships, integrated project management software can help reduce conflicts. By tracking employee progress, it can provide instant feedback and encouragement.

Helpdesk ticketing system improves customer service
Sometimes, when it comes to customer service, it’s not so much conflicts as the sheer volume of calls and emails that bogs workers down. Customer helpdesk tools give workers the information they need to track each customer, bringing together all information on one easy-to-read dashboard.
The tools of project management also help employees respond to customer emails and complaints in a timely and accurate manner. At present, handling emails can take over a fourth or 28% of the work week. A cms ticketing system can make it much easier to handle emails or phone calls. Responsiveness to phone calls and emails are crucial to customer service and to how a business is perceived by its customers.

Software that provides the tools of project management to managers and employees can help to improve customer service and with it, the reputation of the company.