Many personal loans can be used to fund common family expenses like home improvement projects, wedding expenses, vacations and, in some cases, even the purchase of land. Borrowers also turn to personal loans for debt consolidation, because interest rates are often lower for personal loans than for credit cards—especially for applicants with good to excellent credit. If you are looking for a private loan application, here are some top companies.

Best for Low Personal Loan Rates – LightStream
Best for a Big Loan – SoFi
SoFi offers the best personal loans for large amounts because they have loans as big as $100,000, which few lenders do.

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And their minimum loan amount is also quite high, at $5,000. In addition, SoFi offers the potential for low interest rates and have no fees.
Best for a Long Payoff Period – Discover
Best for Debt Consolidation – Marcus by Goldman Sachs
Marcus by Goldman Sachs offers the best personal loans for debt consolidation because they will make direct payments to existing creditors, rather than making the loan holder pay off the old debt manually.
Best for Fair Credit – Best Egg
Best for Bad Credit – FreedomPlus

The best personal loans have APRs as low as 2.49%, loan amounts up to $100,000, $0 origination fees, and repayment periods ranging from 12 to 144 months. The best personal loan offers overall typically require a credit score of at least 660 for approval, too.