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In your home, you typically do the cleaning yourself, but that’s not the case with most businesses and public institutions. Only large organizations typically employ their own cleaning and janitorial services. Most others hire cleaning services.

There are definitely some advantages to hiring cleaning services, such as school cleaning services, rather than employing your own janitorial staff. For one thing, a commercial cleaning service is much cheaper than paying a janitorial staff. With your own janitors, you have to pay them an hourly wage whether they have anything to do or not, along with benefits. When you hire a cleaning service, you pay only for what you need.

Another advantage of a cleaning service is scheduling flexibility. Most offices and schools want their buildings cleaned in the evening or overnight when no one is there. To get janitors to work late at night or overnight to clean, you may have to pay a premium or overtime, especially if you are dealing with a unionized workforce, which could be a real possibility at a school or government agency. On the other hand school cleaning services or any other sort of commercial cleaning company is used to working at night. In fact, most office cleaning takes place during either the second or third shift.

An issue with hiring your own janitorial staff is training. It is hard to find employees with janitorial experience, so you may have to train people, especially in the use of chemicals. Cleaning chemicals used incorrectly can contribute to indoor air pollution and be hazardous to people’s health. With cleaning services, you are more likely to get people who are well trained, and the cleaning business also takes responsibility for any mishaps that might occur.

If you need specialized cleaning services, it is best to work with a commercial cleaning company. For example, for a school that has chemistry lab or a swimming pool, it makes sense to hire school cleaning services that specialize in those types of cleaning.

Though having an in-house janitorial staff can make sense for certain businesses and public institutions, for most organizations, especially smaller ones, it makes more sense to hire a commercial cleaning company to do the cleaning jobs that are necessary.