Our world has changed so much but it’s only been in the last couple decades that we’ve really been able to appreciate it. The march of progress has never been faster than it is today but it’s easy to forget that it hasn’t always been like this. For thousands of years, in fact, it wasn’t much like it at all. We tend to take things like walking into a room and switching on the light for granted because we don’t remember that in the grand scheme of human civilization, it’s a very unusual thing to be able to do. For a long time, in fact, for most of recorded history, the idea of lights generated by external power didn’t even exist. If you wanted to light something you’d use a candle and that’s it. There was no other way to do it. To move mass amounts of cargo or people, you either had to use a ton of horses or cattle, a ship, or lots of ships. Those were the only types of powered transport that were around back then. There were no other options. As most of us know, this all began to change around the time of the industrial revolution when things like primitive motors and conveyor belts really began to take off. The assembly line was quickly born after that and so products and goods began to be created in ever expanding quantities. This led to more people buying those goods which led to more of those goods being sold and the cycle continued. Our entire modern world is created off this model and it has help lift millions of people out the standard cycles of famine, plague and war that had long since ravaged different places around the world. Let’s take a look at a few underrated advancements in this process, how they affected the development of civilization and what could be coming next.
The Medical Refrigerator is a Miracle
Medicine is one of the cornerstones of modern humanity and it has come farther in the last century than it has come in the previous thousand centuries. The Medical refrigerator is nothing short of a modern miracle that can do so many things, from vaccine storage to being a lab freezer or a lab refrigerator and more. With so many uses, there is no wonder that it has been adopted by most scientific circles are the tool of choice for preserving important vaccines and important scientific evidence. The medical refrigerator has so many uses, in fact, that we should look at a couple in depth to see just what they are and how they can help the world.
The Medical Refrigerator as a Vaccine Freezer
Vaccine storage isn’t easy under the best of circumstances but with the medical refrigerator it is much easier than it ever was before. For starters, most people don’t know that a vaccine is often no more than a watered down version of bacteria or a virus that might harm you. This controlled, harmless substance trains our bodies to know how to react to it if it has to encounter it in the real world and thus, to the benefit of millions, we do not get sick from otherwise deadly diseases. If your body knows how to fight polio than it is not going to get polio when the actual virus shows up. Because of the way vaccines work, then, preserving them is incredibly important. You need to make sure the samples are kept cold enough so they retain their genetic information while also not aging, decaying or changing. This is where the medical refrigerator comes in handy.
Other Uses
The medical refrigerator can also be used as a general scientific freezer to store othre bacteria samples, pieces of bone or organ, or other medically relevant, or generally lab relevant, samples. With this type of instant preservation, research can often be accelerated so much faster than it would have been without the use of cold storage tools. The medical refrigerator might not seem like much but it is truly one of the most important tools keeping our social systems and society at large afloat.