Pittsburgh sign companies

Sign companies know the positive impact that quality signage can have on a business. Since it is both an advertising and a branding tool, effective signage has been known to increase a business’ customer base. Furthermore, effective signage has the capacity to generate a significant number of referrals as well. When businesses have effective on-site signage, sign companies will inform you that this is the equivalent of running 24 full-page newspaper ads on an annual basis.

Consumer Responses Regarding Signage

A recent survey gathered consumer opinions about business signage. While some signs may be more memorable than others, this is particularly the case when they are unique and contain important information. The survey found that 79% of American consumers will remember a business based on its sign alone.

In some instances, a business sign may not be installed in clear view of potential customers. This may obviously deter them from entering a business. When there weren’t any signs at all, however, 60% of the participants stated that they wouldn’t enter that business.

It’s not surprising that a large percentage of consumers believe there is a direct relationship between the quality of a business and its signage. When businesses make a concerted effort to clearly identify their store or other establishment, this is duly noted. The survey results showed that 70% of the participants indicated that a business’ quality, or the lack thereof, was reflected in its sign.

Growing Your Business

As previously stated, signs are an advertising and branding tool with more value than running newspaper ads. When you have quality signs installed, it has the potential to increase your customer base and referrals by 75%. If you just launched a new business, were you aware that having a sign will attract 50% of your new customers? Most, or 85% of your customer base, will actually live or working within a five-mile radius of your location. Given this, your customers will likely view your sign 50 times or more every week.

It’s also important to note that a significant portion of the population moves on an annual basis. This applies to roughly 13% to 20%. Since so many Americans relocate, when your business has effective signage, you can expect to experience a 13% to 20% increase in customers.

Whether you have a start-up or have been in business for quite some time, you may want to consider purchasing LED signs. A survey with business owners found that when they installed LED signs, their sales increased. This was the case with 83% of the participating businesses.

Contact Your Local Sign Company to Learn More

Is it time for your business to update and upgrade its signs? Or perhaps your existing signs are in need of repair due to inclement weather damage or for another reason. Whether you need new commercial signs, sign repairs, or sign installations, your local sign company will be able to assist you with this.

At this time, you may also want to discuss the benefits of custom lighting. Sign companies will inform you that in addition to illuminating your signage, custom lighting is also an important safety feature. Once you upgrade your signs and include outdoor lighting, there’s an excellent chance that your customers will agree that you have a quality business.