With more than three hundred thousand objects in any typical household in the United States, it’s no wonder that people find it difficult to pack up all of their belongings when they move. And as the average adult in the United States will move a total of twelve times in their lifetime, it is unlikely that they will be able to bring all of their possessions along with them to each new home. However, letting go of your belongings can be incredibly difficult – if not impossible – especially in the case of sentimental items that hold a lot of meaning behind them, items that they don’t want to part with.

For many Americans, public storage units become a viable option for storing the belongings that they are not able to part with but don’t have room for anymore. Public storage units have become immensely popular all throughout the United States for this very reason (as well as a number of others) and there are now more than fifty thousand public storage facilities all across the United States alone – this means that there are five times more self storage facilities in the United States than there are Starbucks locations. And as anyone living in the United States knows, there are a lot of Starbucks locations. This means that one in every tenth person in the United States rents a public storage unit, and nearly ninety percent of public storage units are already occupied. This means that, with only ten percent of all storage units in the United States still available, it is likely that the storage unit industry will continue to grow in the next coming years.

There are many reasons to rent a storage unit in the United States. As mentioned above, many people find that they cannot bring all of their possessions with them when they move. This is the perfect time to rent a storage unit in order to be able to keep your possessions. In fact, moving some of your things to a public storage unit can be done, ideally, as part of the moving process, as more than thirty percent of all storage facilities in the United States offer truck rentals as an option for getting your belongings from point A to point B. These moving services can make moving your possessions to a storage unit all the more easier, helping to remove some of the stress out of the moving process – which is stressful in and of itself.

Public storage units can also be ideal for those who simply have run out of space in their homes. Many people use their garages and attics as primarily a location for storage space, but even that space often runs out. In fact, more than one fourth of all two car garages all throughout the country don’t even have space to park one car in (the whole purpose of the garage in the first place) and more than thirty percent of homes with two car garages only just have the space to park one car out of how many vehicles the family or household may own. Many public storage facilities are also perfect for storing large vehicles such as boats or ATVs during winter months, as they can become damaged or worn if they are left parked outside to faced the elements.

Storage units have proved to be immensely useful in the United States, as many of the people living here are desperately in need of storage space for a number of reasons. From the need for storage after a move to the need to store vehicles like boats and ATVs during winter months, the need for storage is only growing in the United States.