Getting arrested is never a pleasant experience. At best, it’s an annoyance. At worst, it’s a life-altering event. Being unable to attend work meetings or show up for work shifts on time can seriously harm a person’s ability to make ends meet and support their loved ones.

If you have been arrested, you shouldn’t need to stay in jail for very long.

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Typically, anyone who is arrested and must go on trial has a bail hearing shortly after their arrest. At this hearing, the judge assigns a bail amount to their case. Bail is a temporary payment to the court. If a person shows up to all of their court dates, they get their bail payment back.

But not everyone can afford to pay bail. That’s where a bail bondsman steps in. These professionals offer to pay bail for arrested individuals for a relatively small fee. This way, no one has to have the full bail amount on hand. They only have to have enough collateral to get a bail bond.

To learn more about bail bonds, reach out to a bail bondsman in your area. They can get you the money you need to stay out of jail until your court date.