You may have had marketing experts mention search engine optimization (SEO) as a concept that is changing marketing. If you have a website, SEO will help drive traffic to your website by making it visible to search engines such as Google. Some SEO practices are simple, and you might find you can accomplish them. However, you may need an SEO company to handle the more technical issues of your SEO needs.

But what will an SEO company do for your website? This video explains the four ways an SEO company can help.

Keyword and Analytical Research

Your SEO company will do keyword research to understand what your potential customers are looking for online.

Website Structure Analysis

Is your website secure? What is the speed of your website? The SEO company will assess robot.txt and site errors such as duplicate title tags.

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Competitor Analysis

An SEO company analyzes what competitor websites are doing, what is working, and what is not. For example, what keywords are they using?

Content Analysis

An SEO company will analyze the information you already have online. For example, are your keywords well targeted? Do you have missing pages? Do you have poorly ranking content?

Hire an SEO company and watch your brand grow online as more revenue starts to trickle in.