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We have all seen them, either pulling into a service center to refill their propane supply or those tanker trucks we pass on the road everywhere. Some of us may have even wondered what it might be like to be a propane delivery driver, while others may be or have considered a career as a propane delivery driver. So, what is it really like behind the wheel of a propane tanker? That is also the same thing the attached video explores, and some of what you learn may surprise you, and some of what you find out may not.

Many of the everyday and routine tasks of propane delivery drivers include caring for and maintenance of their vehicles. From checking under the hood to walk-around inspections, these are examples of a day in the life of a propane delivery driver. A typical day for a propane delivery driver, as you might expect, also involves a considerable amount of driving and actual propane deliveries. While there is some manual labor involved, as in hooking and unhooking hoses, the majority of a driver’s day is doing just that, driving. At the end of the day, the typical propane delivery driver follows the same routine of securing their vehicle and clocking out for the day, before doing it all over again tomorrow.