Commercial and residential pest control is distinct, and this video tells you all about the differences. Pests can survive anywhere as long as they have food, water, and shelter. If left untreated, they cause catastrophic damage to residential and commercial properties.

Here are some key differences between commercial and residential pest control.

1. More Experienced

Residential pest control companies provide a limited range of services.

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Commercial pest control companies have more experience and can provide tailored solutions. Their turnaround times are faster and they provide long-term preventative measures.

2. Greater Flexibility

Residential pest care requirements are adaptable, but commercial pest control providers recognize that businesses cannot halt. They provide more freedom, greater flexibility, and faster service.

3. Offer Regular Services

Residential spaces are smaller and necessitate fewer services. Businesses are prone to pest infestations and require regular pest control services. Commercial pest control companies provide scheduling alternatives based on the demands of the business.

Although residential and commercial pest control services are similar, commercial pest treatment is more effective. With commercial pest control companies on the rise, businesses can prepare according to their needs and remain worry-free.