If you have an elevator in your building, you probably already know that sometimes it needs elevator repairs. When you need an elevator repair, it is always best to call a professional but keep reading to learn about the most common problems that require elevator repair.

The first common problem is power failures. Elevators use a lot of power which puts a large amount of pressure on buildings’ utility systems.

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When you have a power failure, you’ll need to call an elevator repair specialist.

The second common problem is worn-out shears. If your elevator’s shears are worn-out, you’ll need elevator repairs.

The third is contamination problems. To operate, elevators rely on oils and lubricants. Over time, elevators wear and cause the release of metal particles into the oil and contaminate it, disrupting the entire elevator system.

The last most common problem is a bearing malfunction. Noisey bearings trigger vibrations in your elevator, causing problems and leading to the need of elevator repair.

To learn about more common problems requiring elevator repair and how elevator repair specialists fix these problems, watch the video above!