Automobile and light truck mechanics check, maintain, and fix vehicles that are powered by gasoline, electricity, or alternative fuels like ethanol. They carry out routine maintenance procedures like tire rotations and oil changes, identify more complicated issues, and organize and carry out auto repairs.

The duties of mechanics and automotive service specialists have changed from straightforward mechanical maintenance to complex technology-related operations. Modern automobiles are controlled by sophisticated computers and integrated electronic systems.

Workers that can use computerized shop equipment and deal with electronic components while preserving their proficiency with traditional hand tools are needed due to the rising sophistication of auto repair garages. As vehicles get more sophisticated, technicians will need to have a deeper understanding of how those components function together.

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Service technicians work with a number of tools. To quickly remove fasteners, they use power tools like pneumatic wrenches. They also replace brakes using lathes and grinding machines, remove and fix exhaust systems with welding and flame-cutting equipment, and lift automobiles and engines with jacks and hoists. They also operate on small components and in tight spaces using conventional hand tools like screwdrivers, pliers, and wrenches.

These are the things you can expect in an auto repair garage. Know more about this by watching the video.