Companies looking to hire can find numerous job applicants on platforms like Glassdoor, Indeed, and LinkedIn, but hiring the best talent requires a recruitment agency for engineering. Why? Because according to, over 70% of job applicants don’t possess the skills to do the jobs they apply for.

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A recruitment agency helps filter out these applicants. Therefore, why else should companies looking for talents hire a recruitment agency? According to one of the narrators in the video, hiring is a tedious process that takes up a lot of time. Recruitment agencies specialize in navigating this tedious process, so they help companies save time that could be allocated to other tasks.

Companies should also hire a recruitment agency to get access to the best job candidates. This is because most reputable recruitment agencies have a database of CVs from qualified job applicants, so when hired by companies, they recommend only the best talents. Recruitment agencies also have specialist recruitment knowledge. A given company may want to hire for a specific role, but they don’t know how to look for candidates. Recruitment agencies have staff who specialize in all sectors. Recruitment agencies also offer additional services like conducting background checks.