Are You Looking for Legal Advice to Help You Decide Whether or Not to File for Bankruptcy?

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To many, we live in contentious times. TImes fraught with uncertainty and financial struggle. As the end of another year nears, many individuals and businesses may be in the process of deciding that they simply cannot continue their struggle. For both individuals and businesses that are considering filing for financial relief, bankruptcy mediation may be necessary. And while some Americans are struggling to find a way out of financial situation, a growing number are concerned about environmental issues and medical care financing. From negotiating complex and hefty medical bills to filing for protection and compensation from unhealthy water sources, the lawyers across the country are often in high demand.
What Kind of Legal Help Do You Need?
Whether you are considering filing for bankruptcy or attempting to clean up a polluted stream, it can seem like an uphill battle if you are fighting the cause alone. And while some people fear that seeking mediation services or other legal advice will be too expensive, the reality is that many situations are difficult to navigate alone. Americans are often frequent viewers of the wide array of legal shows that are on television, but they are often not as frequent about acting on the need for calling a local attorney for advice and for help. Consider some of the reasons that you might benefit from the assistance of legal counsel:
Financial Problems Can Lead to the Need for Bankruptcy Mediation
Bankruptcy issues can lead to a variety of problems. Conflicts with creditors, repossessions, and other financial implications of a business that is considering filing bankruptcy can, in fact, seem so overwhelming that owners can hide away, lock the doors to businesses, and ignore even the most immediate need to pay current employees. Individuals or couples who are facing the financial stress of filing for bankruptcies can also find themselves slipping into complacency that can lead to even bigger problems. Current statistics indicate that as many as 90% of all Chapter 11 debtors have less than $10 million in assets or liabilities, less than $10 million in annual revenues, and 50 or fewer employees. These are statistics that indicate it is a small business owner who may be looking for the biggest kind of help.
In many cases, however, seeking the legal advice of an attorney who is well versed in remediation and bankruptcy filings can, however, provide an understanding of options, as well as a sense of relief. Knowing that you are consulting with someone who can help you understand the available options can feel like eliminating a major burden. These legal services do not, obviously, erase the financial problems themselves, but they do help put things into perspective.
Environmental Concerns Often Require Legal Intervention
Did you know that America could save approximately 5,000 lives a year and prevent thousands of cases of respiratory and heart disease by reducing toxic air pollution from industrial plants? The fact of the matter is that environmental issues caused by the carelessness of some highly profitable corporations. Finding a way to make sure that the latest safety measures are implemented often involves legal intervention.
It is not, however, only workers in industrial facilities that fear for their safety. In fact, more than 40% of Americans are worried about indoor and outdoor air quality. Problems caused by carbon emissions, tropospheric ozone, particulate matter, sulfur oxides, volatile organic compounds, radon, refrigerants, and methane emission can lead to potential health hazards if they are not properly filtered.
Another major environmental concern is the safety of the drinking water in many locations throughout the country. The latest water scare in Flint, Michigan, for example, is an indicator of how dangerous conditions can get if close regulations are not followed. Furthermore, environmental research indicates that more than 33% of all counties in the lower 48 states will face higher risks of water shortages by 2050 as a result of global warming. It may take environmental guidance to make sure that safe drinking water will be available for our children and grandchildren.
From environmental issues to protection from creditors during a bankruptcy process, legal advice may be able to help you meet the challenges that you are facing.

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