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Do you have temp positions you need filled at your company? Since temp jobs change so frequently, it?s easier to let a staffing company handle this type of task. There?s no reason to make an employee of your company oversee the recruiting and hiring or temp employees. It takes extra time and effort away from more important tasks that are essential to keeping your business up and running. When you find the right recruiting agency to work with, you?ll be more than pleased with their effort to find you the top temp candidates for your different jobs.

Interested in learning more about the benefits of working with a job agency to find the best temp candidates? Keep reading for more information about how to save your company time and money when looking to fill a temp job.

3 Benefits to Hiring Temp Services for Temp Jobs

Depending on the size of your company, it could be extremely beneficial to outsource different tasks like finding temp employees for a temp job. That way, your employees can stay focused on their important tasks and someone else can handle the external issues like hiring. Here are three benefits to using a temp service.

1. Plenty of candidates to choose from

When you try to hire on your own, finding candidates is entirely up to you. You have to create a very thorough job description. On top of that, the job description has to be added to different job searching sites so that candidates can find it and apply. This process can take one employee a lot of valuable time to finish.

Once you have candidates who applied to the position, someone has to filter through them to find candidates to interview over the phone or in person. The process continues on until candidates have appointments set up to interview with the appropriate people. If you were to outsource this process, all your company would need to do is speak to the candidate and train them after they?re hired.

Staffing companies across the United States manage to place more than 3 million temp and contract candidates every single week. That shows you just how many options you have for finding the right candidate for your temp job.

2. Temp services vet candidates

Just like temp services find the candidates for your job
, they also go through and vet candidates so you don?t have to. Whether it?s reviewing resumes and cover letters or doing an initial phone screen, a job agency will handle all of these steps for your company. That way, you don?t have to worry about going through tens or hundreds of candidates who don?t meet the requirements.

A job agency will also go through social media profiles for candidates. Nearly 93% of job agencies take the time to browse through a candidate?s social media profiles to make sure they?re still a fit for the job based on what they see. This can be an added benefit for your company. Temp services goes the extra mile to make sure they don?t give you a candidate with a bad background.

3. Cut down on employee turnover

With a job placement agency handling recruiting, vetting, and interviewing, this can help cut down on employee turnover rates at your company. When you have a high employee turnover rate, this can significantly impact your company?s revenue. Every employee that leaves soon after arriving can cost the company up to 150% of their annual salary. Since more than 50% of business? claim that employee retention has been an issue at one time or another, it makes sense to rely on an external recruiting agency to help find candidates that are right for the job the first time around. That way, you don?t have to go through the process of recruiting and hiring more than once because that can be costly and time consuming for your company.

Have you ever used a job placement agency to find the right candidates for your temp jobs? Was it beneficial to your company? Let us know in the comments about your experiences finding candidates for a temp job.