School marquee

When you have a message to communicate, it helps to make it visible. LED and digital signs for schools, churches, municipalities and businesses can be used to announce special events, closings, good news and more. Signs with changeable lettering that have a high visibility keep the community informed with a minimum of effort and expense. Signs can be customized for each location for maximum visibility and effectiveness.

Digital signs reach your community
Digital signs for schools, churches and businesses are highly visible. Properly situated, they can be easily seen by people driving by, dropping off the kids or stopping at a traffic light. Changeable lettering on electronic signs can easily be updated and replaced, making sure that your latest communications reach your community.
Signs do get noticed. Over one third or 37% of people surveyed said that they looked at outdoor signs each time they passed by. When it’s important information like special events, team victories, weather related closings or limited discounts, people will remember the message and act upon it.

Helping customers to find you
For many businesses, led signs improve visibility and help customers to find them. Even large big box stores like Best Buy sometimes need help from outdoor led signs. As many as 17% of their walk in customers found them through an outdoor sign.
In general, as many as 32%, or nearly a third of customers will visit a retailer whose sign they saw earlier in the week. This makes electric business signs one of the best forms of advertising. It’s also highly cost effective, since full color led signs use very little energy.

Benefits of outdoor led signs
LED signs are gaining popularity for a number of reasons. They are highly visible, easily updated and changed, and very cost effective. Whether they’re used for digital signs for schools or churches or businesses, they reach their intended audience and draw them in.
In fact by 2019, LEDs will comprise more than half, or 53% of the global market for lighting. When used in digital signs for schools and churches, they provide easily communicated messages that can be seen night and day. Best of all, led signs can be customized for each location to ensure maximum visibility and utility.

LED and digital signs for schools and churches are a cost effective and highly visible way to reach your intended audience. The community will come to rely on them for messages and announcements, making it easier to stay in touch.