Apartment fire protection

Did you know that many hotels and motels are in desperate need of help from commercial fire protection services? Here’s what you may not have been aware of.

There Are a Lot of Hotel and Motel Fires. – Believe it or not, there are a ton of hotel and motel fires. Each year in the United States, there are about 3,900 hotel and motel fires reported to fire departments. That’s 325 fire a month, and more than 10 fires a day.

Hotel and Motel Fires Can Be Highly Destructive. – The leading cause of hotel and motel fires is cooking, accounting for about 29.3% of all reported hotel and motel fires. Typically, these fires are small, as about half of the reported hotel and motel fires were confined blazes. Yet, each year, hotel and motel fires cause significant amounts of destruction. Each year, hotel and motel fires cause about 15 deaths, and 150 injuries — that’s more than one fatality a month. What’s more, these commercial fires also cause about $76 million in property loss every year, as well.

Yet, Hotels and Motels Are Woefully Under-Prepared. – Despite the fact that fires do so much damage to hotels and motels, these places of lodging are woefully under-prepared. In about 14% of nonconfined hotel and motel fires, there weren’t any smoke alarms present to warn residents of the potential danger. That’s more than one in 10 un-confined fires.

Hotels and motels need to do a better job working with fire protection companies, so that their facilities are properly equipped in the event of a dangerous blaze. These fires happen more frequently than most people might think, and they do a shocking amount of damage each year.

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