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With the job market as it is, it can never hurt to keep an eye on up-and-coming industries. And one industry that continues to grow is the flexible packaging industry, a subset of the plastics industry. In fact, experts think the flexible packaging market in North America alone will grow by almost 5% over the next four years. That provides opportunities for millennials in particular, who will make up around 46% of the workforce by 2020. But flexible packaging recruiters and plastics recruiters see some millennial job seekers make the same mistakes over and over again. Here are five of the biggest mistakes young job seekers need to avoid if they want to snag some of these positions:

  1. Not Translating Non-Work Experience

    Employers know that young job seekers won’t have much professional experience, and that’s actually not a problem in many cases. What younger applicants need to do is think about how they can sell non-paid experience — internships, volunteer work, campus involvement, etc. — in a way that feels professional.

  2. Doing Inadequate Research

    All too many young applicants walk into interviews knowing very little about the company or position they say they want. This limits their ability to ask relevant questions, which is an offer-killer.

  3. Showing Too Much On Social Media

    Millennials need to remember that the people hiring them will likely have very different standards of privacy and propriety. That means removing the photos from that drunken spring break trip to Cabo, or at least limiting who can view them.

  4. Focusing on Themselves

    Young job seekers in particular need to learn how to demonstrate that they can contribute something to the company, rather than talking about how a company will be a good fit for them. Because millennials have a reputation for being entitled, they need to work doubly hard to deflect that perception.

  5. Only Applying Online

    Applying to job listings online isn’t the best way to get hired. Often, it’s about who you know — and that means fully utilizing networking groups, alumni services and, of course, professional recruiters.

Wondering what other industries have openings for young workers? In addition to talking to flexible packaging recruiters, check out supply chain recruiters. Share any other up-and-coming industries you can think of in the comments.