Gold and silver

When you are trying to decide what to invest in next, you have a huge range of items to choose from. Many of them, however, may only be worth something right now. Many items simply will not continue to hold their value over time, which defeats the purpose of an investment. Gold bullion, on the other hand, rarely fluctuates very far and most gold bars are about 99% to 99.5% pure — close to 24k purity. Check out just a few reasons why you should be considering gold for your investment portfolio.


It’s been known for quite a while that the American dollar is weakening, and it isn’t showing any signs of coming back from that decline. Gold ensures that you have something of value that cannot be taken away by inflation or government affairs. About 80% of the gold currently circulating in the United States is the American Gold Eagle coin, which is the most traded coin in the world. With this kind of investment, you will have some kind of wealth to your name no matter what happens to the dollar.

Round Out Investments

Investment portfolios take years to build, develop, and round out. God bars come in two types — minted and cast bars — and adding these to your investment portfolio can give you a more rounded out and secure list of investments. This shows other investors that you are serious about your investments, since you take the time to invest in a little bit of everything.

Pass Down

Gold is also something that can be easily passed down to future generations to help them with the aforementioned benefits. It can be a great and secure way to make sure you are leaving something behind of value.

Will you be investing in gold bullion anytime soon? What will be the primary reason for your decision?