Packaging sleeves

Standup pouches — be they zippered pouches or non-zippered pouches — are attractive packages that can keep your products fresh and secure, while also attracting the gaze of the consumer. They can be made right to your specifications, with a choice of different seal designs, re-sealable zipper pouches, and bottom or side gussets, all depending on what your product requires.

Now, that being said, it’s not enough to have an awesome type of packaging, even if they are standup pouches. What you really need to help get those consumers grabbing are great packaging designs. Here’s why.

When consumers shop, they decide whether or not to buy in as little as 20 seconds. – Believe it or not, studies show that when consumers shop, they tend to make choices in as little as 20 seconds. That means the stakes are incredibly high. It’s a win or lose scenario. In order to get a consumer’s attention and convince them to buy in as little as one-third of a minute, your standup pouches need to have a really attractive design.

Consumers tend to ignore most of the category products. – Worse, consumers tend to ignore as many as two-thirds of category products in retail environments. If your packaging design doesn’t catch their eye, it may as well not even be on the shelf.

Your packaging design needs to be convince and convert as succinctly as possible. – In a recent study conducted in a supermarket setting, about 12% of people spent about 90 seconds looking at juices. The thing is is that they studied the label, but didn’t select any. This suggests that shoppers may be interested in a product, but may not be knowledgeable. They may be looking for the best product, but aren’t sure which to go with. Your packaging design needs to make it clear that your product is the superior product without being long-winded about it.

If you have any questions about how a strong packaging design on your standup pouches can help you sell, feel free to share in the comments.