After hours answering services

If you’re trying to build up a business, phones may be the last thing on your mind. But in reality, study after study has shown that, even in an increasingly digital environmental, customers strongly prefer to reach the companies they do business with by telephone — and they want to reach a live person when they call. How can you provide that kind of service without going broke because of labor costs? A business answering service is a simple and effective solution. Here are the three biggest advantages you can expect to see after hiring a live telephone answering service:

  1. Better Customer Care and Support

    Customers hate not being able to reach someone on the phone, and voicemail is really no substitute. Especially if your customers need to be able to reach you before or after normal business hours, then an answering service is a must. Plus, all the operators employed by a good service will have extensive customer service experience and will be able to defuse potentially tricky situations (which always arise in customer interactions).

  2. Greater Privacy and Professionalism

    Many smaller businesses are opting to keep operating costs low by using personal cell phones for work calls, rather than installing land lines. If your business is among them — or if you’re even running a business out of your house — then a business answering service can offer you both privacy and professionalism at an affordable price point. You won’t have to give out your personal cell number (instead, you’ll be given a dedicated line that the service’s call operators can forward to whatever number you like), and each customer will be greeted just as professionally as if you had a receptionist sitting in your high-rise office building.

  3. Fewer Interruptions and Distractions

    Many businesses choose to go with just an after hours call answering service so that their customers can reach a live person outside of regular business hours. But even if you’re in the office and could technically be answering phones yourself, you can keep your whole team on track by outsourcing that responsibility. Every time you or someone else in the office has to stop the project their working on to answer a simple question or give directions to your location, it interrupts workflow and decreases productivity.

Do you think a business answering service would be a good investment for you? Share your thoughts in the comments.