Door to door transport

Living in a consumer-driven nation, shipping is an incredibly important process for American citizens. Recently, however, we have started to become aware of the negative impact we are having on the environment. So, how can we reduce our footprint while still being able to ship our purchases, gifts, etc. efficiently

If Possible, Opt for Ground Shipping

While not always possible, ground shipping is not only the more cost efficient option, but also the least impactful on the environment. The fuel costs and emissions of a vehicle that completes ground deliveries are much lower than those associated with American cargo shipping. Depending upon the distance your package needs to travel, however, this may not always be the case.

Choose an Eco-Friendly Carrier

Ground Transportation
All carriers offer eco-friendly options for shipping. For example, USPS has many eco-friendly products and services. They offer a door to door service where they will pick up your package from your house for free, since they will already be there delivering mail, and deliver it to the recipient. This door to door delivery eliminates your drive to the post office, and therefore your emissions. In order to utilize this door to door transport, you must print out your own shipping labels at home.

Cargo Ships
When it comes to American cargo shipping, there are many cargo ships that have made themselves more eco-friendly. They have begun focusing on fuel efficiency and more efficient parts (such as propellers and hulls). Another tip for saving paper is to not request a return receipt. Instead, utilize the online American cargo tracking system.

Air Cargo
Another option for American cargo shipping is using a cargo airline. While the cost of shipping cargo on a cargo airline may be more than ground transportation, since there is such a short transportation time, there is a decrease in risk of damage to products and a higher quality product delivery.
Due to this convenience, cargo shipped via airlines makes up an estimated 30% of worldwide shipments. Now, there are airlines for american cargo tracking their environmental impact. These airlines for american cargo tracking their impact has resulted in them working towards energy saving goals.

Box it Correctly
It’s difficult to know which size box to get when shipping an item without opening the box or measuring your item. When in doubt, we usually choose the larger option. However, this may be hurting the environment more than you think. The extra cardboard negatively impacts the environment. So next time you are unsure of what size box you need, measure your item and go with something that will fit it best. When shipping items to the same location, it’s best to combine the items into one box to again save on cardboard and packing materials. When purchasing multiple items from companies like Amazon, there is an option to ship your products together. This will help to save on materials used.

Use Recycled Shipping Supplies
Another great way to ship eco-friendly is by using recycled boxes and shipping supplies. USPS, FedEx and many other companies offer recycled boxes and envelopes. It’s also best to look for recyclable packing products such as bubble wrap, tape, etc

What types of eco-friendly shipping products do you use? Do you have any other recommendations for eco-friendly shipping?
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