Trenchless pipelining

Residential sewer lines are responsible for carrying all our waste and sewage to its proper place — but as many of America’s sewer lines reach ages of almost 100 years old, sewer line repairs are going to become more common than ever.

As a homeowner, however, knowing how to tell if your own sewer lines need a repair or replacement can be difficult, since you can’t necessarily look at your sewer lines without digging through 12 to 24 inches of dirt.

Could your sewer lines be in dire need of a sewer line repair or cleaning? Find out with this list of the three biggest signs of disrepair in sewer lines:

Fluctuating toilet water levels

One of the first indicators of clogged sewer lines is a change in the toilet water level in your home. If you notice that your toilets’ water levels change frequently, it’s time to call in a professional to repair your clogged sewer line.

Abnormally slow drains

If your sinks and showers take longer than they should to drain, your sewer lines may be in trouble. If water starts to come back up through the drains, this is an even more serious problem and should be looked at immediately. In this case, a trenchless pipe repair or similar procedure may be necessary.

Bad smells and sounds

Typically, sewer lines that have been damaged or corroded will cause bad odors to rise up through your home’s drains, or you may hear clanging noises as water drains down your sinks or showers. It’s important to take action soon after noticing these sounds and smells so the problem doesn’t end up worsening and causing damage within your house.

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