Led display signs for sale

If you run or own a business that depends on foot traffic, you already know how important visibility is. A full 35% of consumers say that they rely on a business’s signage to find them. Even people who shop at the giant store, Best Buy, are attracted by their sign. At least 17% of the people who shop there, go in when they see the sign. If you want to improve your bottom line, looking at electronic signs for business can help. Here are some tips to get the most from your signs.

  1. Make you message short and sweet. As great as electronic signs for business are, they will do you no good if people cannot make out what they say. That means, you want your message to be short and your sign to be large. If you are looking to attract people who are driving by your sign, you need your letters to be at least a foot high. When you are looking at what you want to say with your outdoor LED signs, get your message out with the fewest words possible. No one is going to read a paragraph.
  2. Use bright and contrasting colors. When you are looking at signage for businesses, you need the letters and words to really stand out. Using lots of empty space and clear and simple fonts can make a world of difference between a sign that attracters customers and brings in business and one that does not. The colors you pick for your lettering and the background need to contrast but compliment each other. Remember, you are going to be attracting people who will see your sign from some distance.
  3. Be creative. You can have a fun and impactful sign. Work on a logo or messages that resonates with people’s emotions. Messages such as “Pamper yourself today” or “Look great for your date” may be great for salon services. Many people have seen the sign, “If you lived here, you would be home.” That appeals to people commuting. A similar message of “Let Us Fix Your Dinner,” can work for a restaurant. These simple messages for electronic signs for business show how you are thinking about the needs of your potential client and customer base.
  4. Keep your sign new and fresh. One of the best things about the newer electronic signs for business is that they can be changed as often as you need to change them. Unlike traditional billboards, which have to be painted or have new posters put up, LED business signs are very easy to edit. Moreover, the same sign have a variety of messages that you can display. If you live in a place where the local sports teams are big, you can tailor your electronic signs for business to highlight a win. If you have specials for homecoming or graduation, you can promote them as well.
  5. Know that your sign plan will never be finished. None of your marketing plans, including what you do with electronic signs for business, is ever really “done.” You will always went to test it and tweak it. You should keep track of what message work the best for your signs. You should even test out the same messages with different colors and fonts to see what works most to get more people to come into your business. You may be really surprised with what you find from this testing.
  6. Make sure your sign is legible at different parts of the day. Your sign may look great in the morning,
    but how visible is your message during the day? At sunset? Drive by your sign throughout the day and walk by it as well. Even the best signs will not do you any good if people cannot see them well from the road and the sidewalk.

There have been a lot of changes to how electronic signs for business are made and look. Newer LED technology makes it easier and more cost effective to have versatile, changeable and great looking signs to promote your business and improve your bottom line.