Customer service outsourcing company

Customer service is one of the most integral aspects of any business. Whether your business specializes in retail, telecommunications or health care, there’s a good chance you’ll need to have a customer service presence to ensure your customers have their concerns dealt with quickly and professionally.

This leaves you, the business owner, with two options ? keeping an in-house customer service department, or outsourcing the work to another agency.

No matter your industry, there are always several myths surrounding customer service outsourcing companies that persist to the present day. Before discounting these outsourced agencies, take a look at three of these myths ? and the facts behind them:

Myth: Entering an outsourcing agreement takes away your company’s control

Fact: Many business owners are reluctant to outsource customer service to a third-party agency for fear of losing control over that side of their venture. However, the exact opposite is true ? in fact, the presence of an outside agency can help your business increase its transparency and collaboration. And any reputable customer service company will give your business control over everything from training to how calls, emails, and live chat need to be handled. The end result is just as much control over day-to-day processes as you would normally have.

Myth: If your business has tried outsourcing before, it can’t try it again

Fact: Business owners are also less likely to seek out customer service outsourcing companies if they’ve tried to outsource these services in the past. But no matter how many times your company has outsourced customer service before in the past, you can always try them again. On occasion, businesses will outsource their customer service to a company that isn’t the right fit ? but this doesn’t mean outsourcing is the problem. Chances are, you need to shop around for the agency that best complements your company’s culture and needs.

Myth: Customer service isn’t important enough to outsource

Fact: Lastly, all too many businesses assume that they don’t need to invest in their customer service, thinking it doesn’t matter as much as other parts of the business. But research shows that putting customer service on the back burner can prove devastating for businesses of all sizes. In fact, bad customer experiences create an estimated $41 billion in lost business revenue in the U.S. alone. In addition, Forbes magazine has reported that an overwhelming majority (79%) of customers say they would take their business to a competitor within a week of experiencing bad customer service. These facts alone prove the necessity of customer service outsourcing companies.

Given the above three points, it’s clear to see why businesses large and small turn to a third-party agency to assist with their customer service needs. When 69% of consumers say they would recommend a business to others after a positive customer service experience, it’s an investment that’s always smart to make.